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Nowadays, not many people have the luxury to take care of pets. If by chance that they were given an animal to take care of as a pet, one of the main problems that they face is the expenses of keeping a pet; medical checks, dental checks, and even grooming make a good fat check disappear in a short period of time.

Caring for a pet does not need to be expensive. Affordable Vet Care VA is here to prove that we are always ready to give the best care and attention to your pets without having to spend much. Why? Because your pet deserves tender, loving care and long, healthy life.


Just like any other veterinary facility, Affordable Vet Care VA also uses state-of-the-art equipment to make sure that our medical checks and procedures are up to date and always accurate. This equipment helps us diagnose illnesses easily. Once we do, we can quickly act on what needs to be done or give prescriptions for your pet. Our team of expert veterinarians also makes sure that everything is in check. That includes not only your pet’s physical health but also their well-being. We encourage pet owners to consistently come back for medical and dental check-ups, scheduled vaccinations and deworming. To avoid forgetting these important activities, we alert the pet owners by sending them an email or calling them for a reminder. If a long-time pet patient needs to move to another state, we also contact their veterinarian for recommendations as well as provide notes for your pet’s medical history.

Our services also include grooming and wellness check. We also have a place for your pet to stay in if they need to stay the night. In our facility, all animals are welcome and will be given proper medical attention. We treat your pets with the utmost care and assure the pet owners that their pets are in good hands.

In case of severe medical conditions and if there are no more ways to help a certain pet’s maladies, our facility also offers pain management for the pet. We also give the pet owners a choice on how we are going to deal with their pet after all treatment options are exhausted. If the pet owner opts for their pet to pass, we help them get through with it together.

Affordable Vet Care VA also follows protocols and makes sure that our facility and services offered are at par with the global standards of caring for a pet. Our veterinarians are licensed professionals and have experienced working on various cases regarding animal health. Rest assured that your pet will be in tiptop shape after meeting our team of veterinarians.

There are many ways we care for our pets. For us at Affordable Vet Care VA, it is important for us to put your pet’s well-being as a priority. To prolong the life of the animal who is already your family, we always make sure to make the correct call on their health. We make sure to get the pet owner involved for it to be more personal and at the same time, to alert them on what is happening to their pet.


You might still have a ton of questions for us. If you do, feel free to call us and we will be more than happy to tell you about the different services we offer, our facility and the prices of these services. Make your pet feel worthy; let us help you give your pet the best care there is. With Affordable Vet Care VA, we make things possible. Call us now!