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Pet Wellness

Animals are like humans. They have needs like security, food, water, and shelter. They also need proper care to have a longer life. Pets need to be raised appropriately. Without adequate care, their lives will get shorter, and they will be prone to other diseases. Animal Wellness Center Norfolk provides care and appropriate care for your pets. Our vets are highly knowledgeable about the perfect wellness plans for your pets. This is the best way to keep track of your pet’s health as it is already a packaged deal to save you money. It is better than a regular visit to a veterinarian as you would have to pay for individual checkups and treatment, if any.

What Are The Benefits

Pet Wellness Norfolk guarantees your pet to receive the perfect wellness plan. Getting your pets our wellness plans is the best thing that you will do for your pets because of the following advantages below:

  • Complete Tests. An average human has to have health tests regularly to have a healthy life. It is the same thing for your pets. They also need regular exams to ensure that they are healthy; these tests include comprehensive physical, mental, behavioral, and emotional tests. This is to cure any underlying disease or prevent underlying illnesses.

  • Preventive Measure. Our pets also need vaccines similar to humans to ensure that they would be healthy. Other preventative measures include blood work, fecal exams, deworming. These steps are essential to prevent any underlying diseases. Our professionals make sure that your pets receive up-to-date vaccines to keep them away from future illnesses.

  • Dental Care. One of the most common issues our pets have regarding their health is dental diseases. It is not just bad breath or gingivitis; there are other oral problems we need to prevent. If these diseases are left alone, it could lead to severe complications that would put our pets' lives in danger. Animal Wellness Center Norfolk provides full dental check and treatment to ensure your pets in tip-top condition.

  • Appropriate Nutritional Needs. Our pets need an appropriate diet and exercise to have a longer life. Our pets need to monitor the food they are eating. If we let them eat unhealthy food, our pets’ health will be at risk and might have complications.

  • Personalized Needs. Our pets are different from other animals. Like humans, our pets have unique needs, and with us, you can fully customize the wellness plan to suit your pets’ needs and deliver the best care for your pets.

What To Expect During The Wellness Test

To be prepared for your pet’s wellness plan, your pet has to undergo a test. During this test, our vets will be checking the following and note the results in their medical records. The following expectations are listed below:

  • Interview. Our vets will interview you about your pet’s medical history, diet, and condition. We need to keep track of this to have an appropriate wellness plan.

  • The Weight. Our vets will check the weight of your pet. This is to assess whether your pet is overweight, underweight, or normal. This is also helpful to plan for their food intake and also if they need exercise.

  • Skin And Fur. Your pet’s skin and fur are the perfect indicators if they are healthy, so our veterinarians will check them thoroughly.

  • Head To Tail Check. Your pet will be checked physically from head to tail to ensure that your pet’s physical attributes are in good condition.

Contact Us!

Our pets need to receive utmost care from their owners. And one way to show them our love is to avail the perfect wellness plan that would suit them. Contact Animal Wellness Center Norfolk and schedule an appointment with our vets to have the most suitable wellness plan for your pet.