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Get The Best Fur Baby Assistance at Norfolk Veterinary

Welcome to Norfolk Veterinary, one of the biggest, private, 24-hour animal medical clinics in Virginia. Veterinary Norfolk has been serving pet owners and their pets in Norfolk as well as nearby towns. We honor ourselves as the best in Virginia and the most dependable pet hospital you will ever find.

We dedicate ourselves to giving promotion to preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our pet owners and pets. All our patients are essential to us. We take all the necessary measures to give your pets the care they need.

Norfolk Veterinary is proud to serve the Norfolk VA area for everything about your pet. Our team is committed to educating you on how to keep your pets healthy year-round, with excellent nutrition, exercise, and preventative health care. Veterinary Norfolk VA prevails on top of the latest advances in veterinarian technology and, on top of all, remembers that all animals and pets need to be treated with loving care in a routine checkup, correct procedure, or surgery.

Pet Wellness Package

To assist everyone balances a busy life schedule and the importance of caring for their pets, the Veterinary Norfolk VA offers wellness packages to clients. We hope to remove the burden of determining what is needed for your pet annually by pre-planning and utilizing an automated monthly payment schedule or a one-time once-a-year payment.

We have a collection of packages to meet your pets' needs. The packages rely on pets' age to help you maintain the exceptional care that your pets require.

Things to Consider when Choosing a wellness plan:

  • Pets age has a faster pace than humans. Twelve months in a pet's life is equal to several years of aging in a person.
  • Protection medicine and quality nutrition are two of the essential things for extending your pet's life.
  • Early uncovering of disease through lab testing allows for intervention before your pet is visibly sick, leading to a much better chance for a longer quality of life.
  • Peace of mind, no disease discovery puts your mind at ease knowing your pet is healthy.

No other person loves your pet as much as a pet owner does. A portion of that love is making certain they get the finest veterinary care possible.

You can help your vet carry it when you develop routine checkups, know when there's a breaking point, and follow up after your pet gets care.

Before an Appointment

We will need some basic information on your pet, most especially if you let him in for the first time. Please prepare for the following:

  • The names and measures of all of your pet's medicaments
  • The kind of food they eat
  • Their eating and drinking habits
  • Their toilet habits
  • Any recent travel or tick bites
  • Past medical records, including vaccine history

We may want some stool samples. You can call us ahead of time. If your pet is a bird or a hamster, a stool sample might not appropriate as your pet will bring one on the way to the appointment or while you are in the clinic.

An appointment can be stressful for your pet. IT is advisable to bring along some of their favorite toys and a blanket. Inquire if it is acceptable for them to eat before the visit -- some health tests require animals to fast beforehand. (To let them drink is fine -- you do not want them to be dehydrated.) If food is OK, you could bring their favorite treats.

If your pet is Cats, hamsters, and small critters like ferrets and birds should be in a safe carrier when you bring them in. Dogs should be on a strap or cord or an excellent secure carrier if they are small ones.

Let us know if your pet does not get along well with other pets. It would be more necessary to wait in your car with you until we ready for the appointment. You can call us first for the schedule.

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Norfolk Veterinary is looking forward to meeting you and your pet and to serving you with only the best, safest and latest treatment in veterinary medicine.