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Spray And Neuter

Having a pet gives us a lot to worry about as it is very difficult to guess whether something is wrong or completely healthy. So we take some precautions very seriously. We do not want our pets to suffer from any illness because it would be very troublesome. One of the common diseases that our pet dogs get is mammary cancer. You would probably think about having your dog spayed or neutered. Spay And Neuter Norfolk provides excellent services as our vets have wide experience and knowledge to perform their tasks with quality results. Our professionals will ensure that your dog will receive the standard method and check any irregularities so you would not have to worry a single bit.


Having a neuter dog provides pet owners many advantages that we can surely enjoy. Spay And Neuter Clinic Norfolk prepared the advantages that you can get when you decide to have your dogs spayed and neutered below:

  • It reduces your female dogs' chances of having breast cancer, uterine infections, and pyometra, which means they can live longer. While for male dogs lessens the tendency to have testicular cancer, which means they can be healthier.
  • Behavioral changes and heat cycles will be gone, and it results in a happier and well-adjusted temper.
  • It reduces the tendency to leave the house, which could be harmful to your pet, as your dog will no longer have the urge to find a mate.
  • It avoids or stops the habit of spraying and marking, as well as dog fights among males.
  • It lessens the number of unwanted pets in your community, as well as stray dogs, which will decrease the number of homeless and starving animals, bite incidences, and euthanasia.

Spaying and neutering your dog is a great way to keep them healthy and to keep the neighborhood clean as well. Spay And Neuter Norfolk guarantees that you and your pet dog would receive these beneficial points.

What To Expect After

It is very important to know what would happen to our beloved pets after the surgery to be calm and not worry about anything. We have prepared the things that you can expect so you would be aware if your dog is acting normally:

  • Take note of our veterinary recommendations after surgery, and make sure you observe the surgical site, so you know what our vets consider normal.
  • It would be best if you stayed with your dog overnight as detailed observation must be done to make sure that your dog is safe.
  • It is normal for your dog to skip that meal or fail to drink as much water as usual. A small meal is usually recommended.
  • It is difficult to determine when your dog is in pain. When you see your dog shaking, drooling, and hiding, it must concern you.
  • Check for bleeding or excessive weeping from the surgical site. A small amount of blood may be expected.
  • Do not let them lick the incision as it may result in infection. If your dog tries to remove the cover, replace it immediately.
  • The recovery time differs from dog's age. Younger dogs usually recover within a day or two, while older dogs, six years and over, may take six to more than a week to recover.
  • Call us immediately if you have any doubts. We may ask you to check your dog’s gum color.

Contact Us!

If you have any inquiries before and after spaying and neutering your dog, do not hesitate to call Spay And Neuter Norfolk. We want your dog to have a healthy lifestyle and a longer life.